SUP on Salzburg's lakes.

Stand Up and Paddle! Welcome to Stand Up Paddling in Salzburg! It is super popular: simple and do-able for everyone. Enjoy the lakes and paddle gentle, or paddle full power if you are a sporty type. SUP the way you like.
Grab the paddle and hit the board! Experience our beautiful lakes and rivers! This is Salzburgs magic outdoor adventure.

8 experiences available

Stand Up Paddling "Action Day"

Price: € 55,00

Experience an exciting day on the water! Our classic when it comes to fun, action and variety on the water.

After a professional introduction to paddling on the beach and the explanation of the safety aspects, we start a varied program on the water.

Entertainment and dynami...

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Stand up paddling tour early bird and breakfast

Price: € 69,00

Experience the Early Bird SUP Tour at Lake Fuschl and enjoy a delicious breakfast with regional specialties at Hotel Seerose! Our experienced guides will accompany you on the Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) to the most breathtaking places on Lake Fuschl. Of course we also take the time for unforgettable ph...

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Stand Up Paddling as Teambuilding

Price: € 59,00

Experiences who connect on the water! The team building of the SUP program not only creates fun and variety through the exercises on the boards, but also promotes group dynamics.

After a professional introduction to stand-up paddling on the beach and an explanation of the safety aspect...

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Stand Up Paddling Private Lesson

Price: € 95,00 (Price variant: 1 person)

The SUP private lesson is for everyone who likes personal care. Whether beginner or advanced - here you can learn the stand up paddle techniques at your own pace. Your SUP teacher will be at your disposal for an hour: introduction, refining technology, important tips and tricks, an elegant ...

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Stand Up Paddling Power Paddeln plus Workout

Price: € 47,00

Sports, fun and paddling!

Are you looking for a challenge? The SUP power paddling and workout get down to business. Here the romantic Fuschlsee is a minor matter. Train arms, legs, back, abs, core and the whole body. Every muscle is required for SUP Power Paddling and it's definitely m...

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Stand up paddling in white water on the Salzach

Price: € 56,00

Supsquatch is derived from the word Sasquatch, which in Canada stands for big food. It is an absolute novelty in Austria!

Are you looking for fun, action and a sporting challenge? Then supsquatching is just right for you!

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Exclusive Stand up paddling tour in winter

Price: € 170,00 (Price variant: 1 person)

Experience the magic of winter on the Salzkammergut lakes! For this guided Stand Up Paddling tour you are equipped with a drysuit/wetsuit and warm boots, before you start to explore the most beautiful spots on the lakes of Salzkammergut with your guide. Enjoy the unique beauty of the land...

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SUP in the Center of Salzburg

Price: € 59,00 (Price variant: Adults from 3 people)

An outdoor activity in the City!

SUP right in the center of Salzburg. Explore the city from the river Salzach and enjoy the stunning view on the fortress, the many churches and the mountains in the background. You willl learn some tricks for paddeling and steering and the ideal way how ...

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