Voucher types for Adventures in Salzburg

What kinds of gift vouchers are there and how do they differ from one another?

You can obtain two different types of gift vouchers from Salzburg Adventures. You can purchase an Adventure Gift Voucher or a Value Voucher. By choosing an Adventure Gift Voucher, you can already select what adventure activity you would like to experience. A Value Voucher allows you to select a voucher for a specific monetary value and leaves your options open in terms of what activity you would like to experience.

Can I exchange Adventure Gift Vouchers?

You can exchange your adventure gift voucher for a value voucher as long as your adventure gift voucher has not yet been activated. Once your adventure gift voucher has been activated, it is no longer possible to exchange it.

What if the value of my value voucher does not correlate to the value oft he activity chosen?

If the value of your gift voucher is more than the actual cost of the activity, then you will receive the difference in the form of credit. If the value of your gift voucher is less than the cost of your activity, then you can simply pay the remaining difference.

Where can I purchase value gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available online, per Email or via phone.

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

  1. Adventure gift vouchers can be activated here. Simply follow the steps listed on the online form.
  2. 2. Once you have activated your voucher, you will receive the necessary contact information of the respective outdoor activity organizer and professional.
  3. 3. Schedule a time and day and get ready to have a blast!

How long are gift vouchers valid?

Gift vouchers can be redeemed within a 3-year time frame from the date of purchase. You may choose to extend the validation of the gift voucher for an additional year at the cost of € 20,00.

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