Skydiving from the Cessna in Zell am See

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Experience skydiving from 3000 meters with 40 seconds of free fall. Genuine action and skydiving is offered in Zell am See.

Move freely and extremely fast within a three-dimensional space. Relax your nerves during the 25-minute flight and prepare yourself to enjoy a free fall and smooth parachute glide back to the ground while relishing the scenic Pingauer alpine landscape. Jump, free fall and land! It all begins by sitting in the airplane and then allowing yourself to jump out into the fresh air and enjoy the sensation of free falling at an extremely fast speed. Your tandem master will know just the right moment for your jump to take place. Afterwards enjoy 40 seconds of free falling at 200km/hr. Next, your tandem master will open the parachute and gently glide you around for about 10 minutes before actually landing. Landing takes place in a seated position on a grassy field. You will receive landing instructions from your tandem master before take off in order to ensure that all parties understand the landing procedures. If you have any questions about take off and landing, please do not hesitate to ask your tandem pilot before take off. In order for you not to miss out on any part of this adventure, you will receive a specific pair of glasses that will allow you to see your surroundings during your entire jump. If you wear glasses generally, these special skydiving glasses can be placed over your eye glasses or even contact lenses.

Scope of services:

  • introduction
  • 25 min flight
  • skydiving tandem jump
  • 3000 m of elevation
  • 40 sec free fall
  • 10 min paragliding

Physical requirements:

  • max. 85 kg including clothing and shoes (no surcharge is possible for 85 kg plus, the weight will be weighed on site! The naked weight should be max. 84 kg.)
  • at least 13 years of age (signature of parents on site for minors)
  • Minimum size 140 cm
  • generally good health
  • not on an empty stomach! The body definitely needs fuel!
  • Well-groomed appearance, as tandem jumping is almost a cozy affair

Important Information:

  • Make sure you bring your ticket!!

  • Video and pictures are also available for capturing your entire journey from the moment you enter the airplane to your gentle landing on the field for the following prices per person:

Pictures 70 € (approx. 150 photos)
Video 80 € (you can watch an example video on spot)
Pictures & video 100 €

Booking and reservations can be done directly/only on the spot.


  • A weather check by text message (to your given mobile number) the evening before the scheduled skydive determines the possibility of a safe realization of the event.

  • The tandem pilot decides based on the weather forecast and an inspection on spot about safety.


The adventure takes approx 1 hour but please plan half a day in case of any delays (due to weather, process,...)


Air Field in Zell am See

Price information:

price valid per person

Group size:

2 persons can jump together


Friends and family can watch you tandem skydiving jump from the terrace of the aiport restaurant. The jump takes place straight above the restaurant and the landing directly in the meadow in front of it.

Equipment / clothing:

For a tandem skydiving jump it is best to wear comfortable clothes. For example:
summer: during good weather conditions, shorts and a t-shirt are possible as well
winter: ski pants and jacket with gloves
a good pair of sneakers/trainers or hiking shoes. Ladies, no high heels! Make sure that your pants are of durable material and reach down to your knees. Landing will be on you butt so your pant might get dirty. We recommend that you wear contact lenses rather than your usual eye glasses, however, this is also possible to wear glasses. Please leave all jewelry at home or take it off before your jump. It is prohibited to take any kind of foreign body (jewelry, go pro, etc) with you. You will receive a helmet, glasses and gloves to use during your tandem skydiving jump.


  • Vouchers: The voucher can also be redeemed in Gmunden.
  • Tickets: If you have booked a ticket with a fixed date and have to be postponed due to bad weather, you can also choose the new date in Gmunden, if such a date suits you better.


  • You can skydive from March to November.
  • In summer there are daily jumps except Mondays.


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