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Price: € 380,00 (Price variant: Adult)

Adult € 380,00
child € 310,00

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Float over snow-covered mountain peaks in a hot air balloon and be enchanted by the wintry landscape: the region around Kitzbühel offers a first-class scenery.

After the joint set-up and launch, only the speed and direction of the wind will determine where the journey takes you. The traditional balloon baptism after landing rounds off the adventure before the transfer back to the starting point. An unforgettable experience that you should definitely not miss out on!

Scope of services:

  • the joint assembly and dismantling of the balloon
  • the booked balloon ride from the agreed launch site
  • the return transport to the launch site
  • the traditional baptism
  • a certificate with the title of nobility
  • a passenger accident insurance

Physical requirements:

Accessible: Many views are denied to people with special needs. Not when ballooning!

Children are allowed to ride from a body height of at least 140 cm.

Important Information:

It would be impossible to upgrade the balloon without the help of the guests on site. This includes setting up the balloon basket, spreading the balloon envelope, inflating the envelope with the help of a fan and finally heating the air in the envelope with the burner.

The basket that is still lying is attached to the pursuit vehicle so that the hot air balloon does not fly away unplanned. Then it is first filled with cold air. Only then is the air heated and the envelope rises very quickly. After the pilot has checked everything, the passengers can get into the basket and the balloon ride begins after the tether is released.

After the balloon has picked up speed or wind speed, there is almost no wind in the basket. Now nature is given free rein. During a journey, only the wind speed and the wind direction can determine where the journey leads.

It is not possible to control a balloon directly. In order to influence the direction and speed of travel, the wind directions and speeds, which differ from one another at different heights, are used. By deliberately rising or falling, winds can be used to approach a desired target.

After about an hour, the pilot initiates the “descent” with less heating. In a suitable field or meadow, sometimes also on a road, the basket gently touches down.

The crowning glory of the first balloon ride is the “balloon driver baptism” - you will be baptized with fire and spirit Vini in accordance with the traditional guild and order of aerostatics with a name chosen by the pilot and raised to the rank of nobility.

Please note that we do not provide transportation between accommodation and meeting point of the adventure.


Safe balloon flights are only possible in good weather. A strong or gusty ground wind (over 5m / s), rain or poor visibility do not allow a balloon ride.

The day before the planned trip, the pilot will inform you exactly whether a balloon flight is possible. However, due to the weather or wind, a balloon ride rarely has to be canceled shortly before take-off or even directly at the take-off site. This is at the sole discretion of the pilot in command. Immediately after arriving at the selected launch site, the upgrading of the balloon will begin.


The total time required for this extraordinary experience is approx. 4-5 hours. The balloon ride itself takes at least an hour, the ride height is between 1,500 meters and 3,000 meters above MSL, depending on the distance and air space restrictions of Austrocontrol.


The specific location for take off is depending on the wind condition, your pilot will contact you the evening before your ride at about 6 pm to inform you about the meeting point.

In Kitzbühel surroundings take off will be at Kirchberg, Klausen, Reith bei Kitzbühel, Westendorf, Hopfgarten, etc.

Alternatively, you can start:

  • Innsbruck surroundings (Stubaital, Mieming, Seefeld, Mösern, Reith, Airport, etc.)
  • Kufstein surroundings (Langkampfen, Ebbs, etc.)
  • Walchsee surroundings (Kössen und Walchsee)
  • Scheffau surroundings (Scheffau, Elmau, Söll, Going Filzerbauer, St. Johann)

Group size:

12 persons can ride together, in case there are more passengers there will be more balloons. If you are a single rider you can join a group.


Spectators are of course very welcome at the start!

Equipment / clothing:

Seasonal clothing is required. Please note that there are also lower temperatures at higher altitudes. So please just put them on as if it were about 15-20 degrees Celsius less.

It is essential to take the ticket or voucher for the balloon ride with you and give it to the pilot.


Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

During the classic school holidays, a trip can also be planned on a weekday on request.

Please register 3-5 weeks in advance!

The start time is always very early in the morning, usually at 5 a.m. in summer and later in winter.


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