Hot Air Balloon Ride "Alps Crossing"


Scenic Factor

Zell am See oder St. Johann in Tirol

meeting point

Price: € 1.250,00

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Crossing the Alps is the queen of balloon flights: marvel at the majestic peaks of the Großglockner, Großvenediger and many more from a bird's eye view!

From St. Johann or Zell am See, you cross the Alps and land in the Po Valley in Italy - on good days, the view stretches as far as the Adriatic Sea. It's a unique experience that you're guaranteed never to forget!

Scope of services:

  • Hot air balloon ride
  • approx. 3-4 hours up in the air
  • 1 night in Italy incl. dinner
  • Sight seeing from above
  • Helping to set up and dismantle the balloon
  • balloonist "baptism" with sparkling wine and certificate
  • trasfer back
  • insurance
  • duration 2 days

Physical requirements:

You feel fit and have no height restrictions prescribed by a doctor. Other than that, there are no special requirements.

Important Information:

Crossing the Alps by balloon is only possible from November to February. Experience has shown that balloons can be launched at the end of November.


Alpine crossings need stable weather and the right wind condition, i.e. strong northerly winds of at least 80 km/h in 5000 meters of elevation. They occur after a cold front, under increasing influence of high pressure and mostly cloudless sky.


The Alps Crossing takes 2 days.


Meeting point is depending on wind conditions usually at 8 am in Zell am See or in St. Johann in Tyrol.

Price information:

The price is valid per person.

Group size:

4-10 persons can ride together, in case there are more passengers there will be more balloons. If you are a single rider you can join a group.


are welcome to watch starting

Equipment / clothing:

Seasonal clothing is required. Please note that there are also lower temperatures at higher altitudes. So please just put on as if it were about 15-20 degrees Celsius less. So warm winter clothing, especially good, waterproof, warm shoes.


Planning is usually only possible at short notice, i.e. great flexibility in terms of scheduling is a must for this adventure.


Crossing the Alps requires very special wind conditions and is only possible approx. 2 to 4 times a year, in the months of November to February. In the warm season it is not possible to plan a trip to the Alps due to thermals.


The special weather conditions required for a trip across the Alps only occur a few times per season and (like the weather in general) can only be predicted a few days in advance.
For this reason, a certain degree of scheduling flexibility is necessary for this adventure: When a suitable weather window is announced, all passengers on the participant list are called 2-3 days in advance and asked whether they would like to take part in the planned crossing of the Alps. If it doesn't work out on this date, you will be called again the next time - until it works out.


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