Paragliding Courses in Salzburg

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Paragliding trial course in Werfenweng

Price: € 78,00

If you want to experience something special, then try a paragliding trial course. After a short introductory theory and handing out the equipment, we go to the practice area. Even with the first running and wind-up exercises, you will build trust in the paraglider. After the first short flights with...

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Paragliding trial course Salzburg

Price: € 78,00

You want to experience the fascination of flying without completing the entire flight course?

Then this trial course is ideal for you. In one day you will learn the first “hopping“, pulling up and starting exercises on the gently sloping meadow. A little theory makes it easier to understand...

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Paragliding basic course in Werfenweng

Price: € 685,00

In the basic paragliding course you start with take-off, steering and landing exercises. After the first short flights, it goes a little higher step by step. After you have already completed flights up to a height difference of 60 m on the practice slope, have mastered the take-off, turning and land...

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Paragliding basic course in Salzburg

Price: € 645,00

From pedestrian to pilot in one week! The compact course is completed in a continuous week and we increase from the first flights on the practice slope to high-altitude flights with flights with an altitude difference of up to 1200 m with a flight time of around 20 minutes. The compact course is com...

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Paragliding training package with pilot license Werfenweng

Price: € 1.485,00

For all those who want to complete their training from paragliding beginners to pilot or A-license, this is the opportunity to book a basic course, high-altitude flight course and paragliding license (SoPi) as a package. The lessons can be spread over several weekends by individual arrangement or...

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