Bobsleigh rides in Berchtesgaden in summer

Price: € 65,00 (Price variant: Jugendstart)

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Dash through the ice channel at up to 130 kilometers per hour and feel the pressure of the curves on your own body. When the ice has melted and the bobsled run at the foot of the Watzmann has turned into a concrete gully, the bob pilots screw wheels under their racing bobs and start on the original race track.

Scope of services:

  • Experienced pilot who controls the bob
  • A place in the 4-seater bobsleigh (three people ride, no brakeman ;-)
  • Centrifugal forces reaching up to six times the acceleration due to gravity
  • 1,200 meter long ice slide with 14 curves
  • just over a minute pure travel time
  • Diploma
  • commemorative gift

Physical requirements:

  • Physical fitness
  • No previous damage (especially to intervertebral discs, spine, bones, cardiovascular system)
  • No organic diseases
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • from 16 years of age with a declaration of consent signed by all legal guardians

Important Information:

As the bobsleigh run is under repair, appointments are only possible during the week. ( Sunday is no operation ) From about April one appointment per fortnight.


The adventure is very weather independent.


Pure travel time is approx. 1 minute. However, plan at least 1 hour for the adventure.

Price information:

Price is for one person

Group size:

Also ideal for larger groups!


Friends and acquaintances can experience the bobsleigh ride along the route or, better yet, at the finish.


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