Hot Air Ballon Ride in Kitzbühel

Price per person: € 310,00

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Float in a hot air ballon over the mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. An absolutely unforgettable adventure in any season all year round. Did you know that one rides a balloon rather than actually flying with it? Hot air ballooning in Tyrol is indeed an exclusive experience that will leave you flabergasted regardless of when you choose to go. Come and join on a hot air balloon ride and relish the feeling of hovering over mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.

As part of our very own „crew“, you'll experience this ride much more intensely than the curious onlookers down on the ground where you start.

The moment you become airborne and the first few minutes you have ascended from the ground are truly undescribable feelings, which you can only experience first hand. The professional and skilled pilots are able to use the different types of wind and thermals to manuvour through the air and give you countless possibilities to experience the unforgettable sensation of seeing the scenic landscape from above.

Scope of services:

- Hot air balloon ride (approx. 1,5 hours)
- Sight seeing from above
- Helping to set up and dismantle the balloon
- balloonist "baptism" with sparkling wine and certificate
- trasfer back
- insurance
- arrival after approx. 4-5 hours

Physical requirements:

- children can ride from age 6
- no special requirements


Weather check will be the evening before your booked date.


The balloon ride takes approx. 1,5 hours but please plan half a day.


The specific location for take off is depending on the wind condition, your pilot will contact you the evening before your ride at about 6 pm to inform you about the meeting point.

In Kitzbühel surroundings take off will be at Kirchberg, Klausen, Reith bei Kitzbühel, Westendorf, Hopfgarten, etc.

Alternatively, you can start:
- Innsbruck surroundings (Stubaital, Mieming, Seefeld, Mösern, Reith, Airport, etc.)
- Kufstein surroundings (Langkampfen, Ebbs, etc.)
- Walchsee surroundings (Kössen und Walchsee)
- Scheffau surroundings (Scheffau, Elmau, Söll, Going Filzerbauer, St. Johann)

Price information:

The price is valid per person.

Group size:

6-8 persons can ride together, in case there are more passengers there will be more balloons. If you are a single rider you can join a group.


are welcome to watch take off

Equipment / clothing:

Please dress warm, it is 15-20°C cooler up in the air.

Please bring your ticket or voucher to your balloon ride and hand it over to the pilot.


on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holydays.
on classic school holidays on demand.

Start is early morning, in summer approx. 5am.


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