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You need a special idea for your next event/celebration and you do not want to take the bad weather risk? Then Lasertag in our indoor venue is just right for you! You move, equipped with an electronic phaser, through a foggy, labyrinthine play park. With your phaser, you'll try to take photosensitive sensors to score points. When these sensors are activated by your beam of light, your own score jumps up. But beware: If you are hit by a ray of light, your shield will be reduced, causing you to lose energy points and leave the game for a moment.

Scope of services:

  • 12 phasers
  • briefings
  • coaching
  • incl. 3 game rounds
  • Shower facility on site

Physical requirements:

no age limit

Important Information:

Variation 1 - Delta Tag One Shot:
The classic Lasertag game, where two or more teams compete against each other and fight for the highest score.
Attention, your shields are disabled! Hit players of the opposing team only once to turn them off. At the same time try to not be hit from others.
3,2,1 .... Game started and the point hunt starts :-)

Variant 2 - Everyone against everyone:
The players all compete against each other. Everyone is on their own. May the best player win!


Goes all year and is a grat bad weather program.


The playing time can be chosen variably. As a basis we start from appr. 75 minutes with preparation and follow-up.


Currently we have transformed an old warehouse in Bergheim into a Lasertag arena, come by and test our equipment.

Group size:

You can play from 2 people, but the more people the better. If there are more than 12 players, then you alternate, that works well with up to 36 people, because watching is also fun! We have 12 phasers.

Equipment / clothing:

You only need comfy clothes and good shoes, You will not get dirty, but you will sweat ;-)


Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:00


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