Bounce a Bubble Soccer

Price per : € 20,00

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The soccer ball is in the middle of the field. One, two, three ... Go! You play soccer in teams. Bounce the bubble, bounce the players! Play soccer or just forget about the soccer ball :-)

Scope of services:

- min. 10 bubbles (1 bubble per approx. 2 players)
- introduction
- coaching and set up
- 30min commute of the coach to your place
- excl. rental fee of the soccer hall (if you need one)

Physical requirements:

There is no age limit. The bubbles are 1,5 meters and 12 kg.

Important Information:

This offer is valid for a minimum of 20 persons.


Indoor or outdoor the whole year.


approx. 2 hours depending on how many persons you book


If you want to play at your place you would need a soccer field or hall or any kind of grassy field. Also we need power supply. A farm land does not work.

If you rent the soccer hall the event takes place in Bergheim.

Price information:

The price is valid per person for a goup of min. 20 persons.

The rental of the soccer hall is not included if you need to book it too. You can rent the soccer hall in Bergheim for additional 50 EUR per 2 hours play time.

Group size:

The more people the more you take turns and rotate the people. Maximum is 60 persons. Maximum number of bubbles is 25.


are welcome to watch

Equipment / clothing:

- sports wear
- clothing for changing
- sport shoes
- for those who wear glasses better wear contacts
- no sharp edges or belts or jewelry


Summer, Winter, Indoor, Large Groups, Companies, Clubs, Christmas, Adventures you can do in Bad Weather, November, October, Stag Night, Stag Night "Urban Adventure" in Salzburg, Adventures you can easily reach by Public Transfer, Graduation trips

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